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Click on player to learn plays
Click on the player to learn basic hockey plays.
Skating tips from Robby Glantz International Power Skating. With video clips.
Click on ref to learn signals
Click on the ref to learn the referees' signals.
Article by Mitch Korn of the Nashville Predators.  Link to page with animations.
Go to Games
Click on the Devil to go to the Devils Games Page.
These simple rules spelled success for the Philadelphia Flyer's during the tenure of Fred Shero and they can make the difference between winning and losing.
Click on the pitchfork to go to the Devils Den Players Message Board.
What do you eat and drink before a game? How close to game-time can you eat? What stretches and warm ups should you do?
Click for Devils Photo Gallery.
101 Hockey Tips   Link to Hockey Player magazine article online.  Great tips on how to play the game.
Go to NJ Devils website
For Devils merchandise, check out the New Jersey Devils website
Link to article showing the best spots to shoot the puck.
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