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Referee Signals
Here are some common referee signals...

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Charging: Rotating clenched fists around one another in front of chest.
Cross-checking: A forward and backward motion with both fists clenched extending from the chest.
Delayed calling of a penalty: Referee extends arm and points to penalized player.
Elbowing: Tapping the elbow of the "whistle hand" with the opposite hand.
Holding: Clasping the wrists of the "whistle hand" well in front of the chest.
High-sticking: Holding both fists, clenched, one above the other at the side of the head.
Hooking: A tugging motion with both arms, as if pulling something toward the stomach.
Interference: Crossed arms stationary in front of chest with fists closed.
Misconduct: Place both hands on hips.
Slashing:A chopping motion with the edge of one hand across the opposite forearm.
Icing:Arms crossed with hands underneath.
Tripping: Strike the right leg with the right hand below the knee keeping both skates on the ice.
Slow Whistle: Arm in which whistle is not held extended above head.
Wave-off: Both arms swung laterally at shoulder level with palms down.
From the New Jersey Devils official website.
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